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Product Biokide
Fruit du Baobab, également appelé "Pain de Singe"

True senegalese treasure

a vegetal oil with countless virtues is extracted from the flesh of the baobab fruit.

This fruit is also called
"Monkey bread"

From this african gold
in the region of Thies
in Senegal

the products Biokidé
are made in France

Our products

Biokidé offers a wide range of products, from the body
to the face and for ALL AGES.
With the greatest respect
Respect for nature
Respect for nature

Biokidé gets its supplies from « Baobab de saveur », an eco-friendly collective that’s consistent with a fair-trade approach.

For Biokidé, working with such a collective is securing quality products, that are respectful of manufacturers and workers.

Morever, Biokidé wished to take part in the development of Senegal in whichever way it can.

Biokidé take part in
the development of Senegal

A growing notoriety

Inauguration Showroom BIOKIDÉ sur les Champs Elysees
2 Mars 2023

Président Comité Champs-Elysées

Secrétaire général LVMH

Président Cosmetic Valley

Maire de Val de Reuil

Marc-Antoine Jamet


With Biokidé, choose a young brand that’s however extremely mature about its development. Since 2015, the brand hasn’t stopped expanding its notoriety on the international scene.

Fatimata Kane CEO
Picture of Fatimata Kane
Picture Skydakar
In 2019, if you had traveled to Dakar or had a stopat the Diass airport, you might have discovered Fatimata Kane’s portraits and her Biokidé products in the magazine of the great senegalese company SkyDakar, at pages 78-79.
Picture Galien

In 2021 Biokidé was partner of the Foundation Forum Galien Africa, under the high patronage of his Excellency Macky Sall, and in attendance of the state minister Awa Marie Coll Seck and Michel Sidibe.

The Galien Africa prize rewards excellence and innovation. It is awarded for products, services and initiatives that are promising or meaningful in the domain of discoveries and therapies for the benefit of humanity.

Picture Alongside the greatest
Alongside the greatest

Among great names like Johnson&Johnson or Pfizer, you can find mention like Biokidé, official partner of the Galien Prize USA.

Picture Norman pride
Norman pride

Pride of a region : Normandy, Fatimata Kane makes the headlines of local press:

D'Évreux aux Jeux Olympiques 2024, l'irrésistible ascension de Fatimata Kane —
Read the article
Picture Marie Claire
Marie Claire

In 2018, the famous french journalist Marie Claire found interest in Biokidé products.